Retro Play Australia is an independent pinball and arcade manufacturer in Australia. We ship our products world wide. We design and build custom made arcade and virtual pinball machines.


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Say hello to Retro Plays EXTREME EDITION virtual pinball machine.  The most technically advanced commercially available virtual pinball machine in the world.


When you buy our Extreme Edition you are not just buying the most powerful virtual pinball machine you are also buying our entire unique design service specifically for your machine.  This is a personalised design just for you which includes :


* Custom laser cut Stern side rails (with whatever logo or design you choose laser cut in to the sides) 

* Custom laser cut back box hinges (with whatever logo or design you choose laser cut in to the sides)

* Cuistom designed shooter rod 

* Custom designed coin door label / logo 

* Custom designed topper toy (in this examle we had a Munsters replica house built and installed LED's!)

* Custom powder coated real steal pinball legs 

* Coin door mods for exit table and coin/credit

* LED Beacon / emergency lights on top 

* Real DMD

* Custom made Stern lock down bar fire button (used for newer games that require a fire button and also can be used to start games) 


The Extreme Edition pinball machine also includes every mechanical feedback option available : 


12 volt shaker motor

12 volt knocker solenoid 

10 x 12 volt solenoids (linked to flippers, sling shots and bumpers) 

3 x real bells for old school EM tables

12 volt mechanical gear motor mounrted to the rear of the coin door


In addition to the most comprehensive mechanical feedback system available anywhere in the world, Retro Plays Extreme Edition pinball also ships with an enhanced surround sound feedback system which includes : 


2 x 100mm side wall tactile speakers

2 x lock down feedback speakers

1 x Dayton super-base shaker speaker for extreme deep mechanical base sounds 


An upgraded PC inside also keeps this beast of a machine ahead of all the competition.  A Ryzen 5 CPU with 8GB DDR4 Ram and at least an Nvidia 2060 graphics card.  A 1 terrabyte M.2 Samsung SSD has all your storage needs covered.


For the software the Extreme Edition comes with Windows 10 Pro with the following modifications :


Pinup Popper front end auto starts with windows.

All Windows updates will have been installed

Over 170 unused windows background services have been manually switched off

Any anti virus (inc win defender) is turned off


Retro Plays uses PINUP POPPER front end along with Visual Pinball 10.6. 


The Extreme Edition pinball machine comes with an enhanced FIVE YEAR warranty and can be shipped any where in the world.  Please ask for a quote.


See the video here:



Extreme Edition Virtual Pinball Machine