The Most Advanced Pinball Machines in the World

We realise that's a big statement to make, so let's show you why we believe Retro Plays
virtual pinball machines are the best around.

To build virtual pinball machines to be as close to mechanical machines as technologically possible

Real Mechanical Feedback Inside

Retro Play are the only manufacturer in the world designing and building virtual pinball machines with real mechanical feedback inside! 

Real solenoids inside that fire with the flipper buttons
Gear motor operates with mechanical objects in game
LED lights and beacons 
activated in game
Real plunger allows you to perform skill shots
Real shaker motors


We combine our real mechanical toys with surround sound feedback technology (SSF for short).  SSF uses tactile transducer speakers that interpret the mechanical sounds from the game as vibrations.  It means that you can FEEL every mechanical operation on the table, from coin drops to the ball going through a spinner, from the ball striking a plastic to a mechanical crane moving across the screen.  SSF is totally awesome and is included on e very machine

Add more and more toys

Our electronic modular design inside means you can add different toys to your machine

Custom made video topper
Coin door button mods
Custom coloured metal work
Real DMD
Stern lock bar fire button

Only the best tech inside

Our base 4K pinball machine ships with the awesome Ryzen 3 CPU, MSi gaming motherboard, 8GB DDR4 Ram and the AMD RX570 8GB graphics card.

Perfectly smooth 4K pinball gaming

All the basic features

43" 4K Samsung 60hz Playfield Screen.

32" Backglass monitor.

Dedicated full colour DMD screen.

Logitech 2.1 sound system.

Art blades around the playfield screen.

Free external graphics design service.

Coloured metal work.

Working plunger.

Nudge / Tilt.

Gold leaf flipper buttons (no click and lightning fast).

Minimal buttons on the front of the machine.

All LED lit buttons are controlled by tables.

4 x 12 volt mechanical solenoids.

Surround sound feedback.

Genuine ribbed steal pinball legs.

Two year warranty.

Ryzen 3 CPU. 8GB DDR4 Ram, 500gb M.2 SSD and AMD RX570 8GB GPU.

Toys you can add 

Stern lock bar fire button (used to fire guns/canons etc) and can be double up as a start button.

6 More solenoids linked to the bumopers.

Dayton super-bass shaker tactile speaker for enhanced deep bass mechanical sounds.

Force feedback lock down bar.

Upgraded PC inside.

Real full colour DMD.

Video topper.

Toy topper with interactive functions.

Knocker solenoid for extra ball.

Shaker motor.

Gear motor for mechanical objects in-game.

Beacons / strobes on top of the backbox.


Real mechanical feedback inside each machine making the experience feel and sound like a mechanical machine

Real Pinball Parts

We use genuine steal rubbed legs for extra strength and we use real pinball lock down bars for that authentic look

4K Playback

Enjoy all pinball tables in beautiful 4K ultra high defintion resolution and blistering speed with the 60hz Samsung screen

Two YR Warranty

Backed up by our 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support / updates you can be sure youre in safe hands



Retro Play Australia is an independent pinball and arcade manufacturer in Australia. We ship our products world wide. We design and build custom made arcade and virtual pinball machines in Australia.

Retro Play Australia are the premier manufacturers of custom arcade and pinball machines in Australia offering a unique design and build service.


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