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The Most Advanced Virtual Pinball Machines in Australia

Retro Play Australia

We know that is a big claim to make so let's layout just some of the reasons why we can clearly state that Retro Plays virtual pinball machines are so good.

Minimal buttons on the machine
Real coin door
Launch button and analogue plunger
Voice control
Popper front end software
Lifetime tech support
Fully updatable
Built in table downloader app
Built in retro jukebox app
Real coin doors
100% custom artwork
Real mechanical feedback 
Real solenoids inside
Surround sound feedback
Digital nudge and tilt
Video topper screens available
Chime bell system available
Fans / Shaker / Gear Motors
Custom coloured metal work
Unique artwork filling the backglass (around the screens)
Dedicated DMD
Art blades as standard (artwork filling the gap between screen and glass)
Voice controlled machine using Google Home Mini
The only manufacturer in Australia installing REAL mechanical feedback.
4 x real 12 volt solenoids, shaker motors, gear motors, fans, knockers and more
Two year warranty and unlimited lifetime tech support and updates / access to new features
We have our own unique table updater app that allows you to easily add virtual pinball tables to your system
We have a choice of very cool addons for your pinball as well !   This is our custom designed 3D video topper screen that sits on top of the pinball and displays dynamic content.

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